Guidance for walk leaders

  • Carry a map, a whistle and a mobile phone.
  • Preferably, also carry a compass, notepaper and pen.
  • Recce the route a few days before, preferably with a back marker.
  • Note hazards, problems, toilet points, etc, adjusting the route if necessary.
  • On the day, introduce yourself and welcome new members and anyone walking with the Club for the first time.
  • Appoint a back marker who should have a map and whistle.
  • Be prepared to turn away inadequately dressed or equipped walkers.
  • Give brief details of the walk, timing, refreshment stops and any hazards.
  • Count how many you have.


On the walk:

  • Stay in front but check you can see your back marker.
  • Like ships in convoy, the pace is that of the slowest person.
  • Wait while everyone crosses a stile or passes through a gate.
  • Chat with newcomers.


Health problems:

  • Anyone who feels ill should return to the start accompanied by two volunteers.
  • In the event of fractures, heart attack, severe bleeding, etc. Dial 999, give your position.
  • Stay with the injured until help arrives.
  • Report incidents to the Club Secretary.



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